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History of hashtags

The evolution of Hashtags in social networks and examples of using

No major post today is complete without a hashtag, but where did the trend start?

A timeline of the evolution of the hashtag:

August 2007 - Hashtags first proposed for use on Twitter

July 2009 - Twitter officially embraces the hashtag linking to a list of all tweets for anything proceeded by #

January 2011 - Instagram add hashtag support

Spring 2011 - Twitter plays a role in the Civil unrest of the Arab Spring. #Bahrain becomes one of the most used hashtags of all time

October 2011 - Google+ begins automatically linking all hashtags in posts

January 2013 - Half of Superbowl ads include a hashtag

June 2013 - Facebook begins supporting hashtags

October 2013 - The Advertising Standards Authority (UK) and the FTC (USA) state that adverts made via a celebrities Twitter page should incorporate the hashtag “#ad

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